Against President Trump

There have been a lot of talk about an electromagnetic pulse bomb (EMP). North Korea, Iran, Russia,China and possibly others want to bring America down. 

An EMP would disable our electrical grid by frying many of the electronic components that make it work. This has been known since the 1950’s. We have the capability to fix this and the cost would be less than what we gave Iran a couple years ago. 

So why haven’t we fixed it?  There is a committee in Washington that has studied this yet there has been no movement to make the changes. Why?  

I was listening to Mike Huckabee on The Jim Bakker show. He said it is because our government does not want to fix it. WHAT? Why?

Every since President Trump came into office he has been up against severe opposition from the Democrats, the Media, Students, Celebrities, and a lot of Republicans. Why?

If the Republicans own the Hose, Senate, and The White House why is there such a struggle getting things done?  

Judge Judy said that the don’t want him to succeed. It is a plot of the enemy to remove President Trump from power. 

This is the age old battle between good and evil. Since the garden Satan has been plotting the take over of the human race. He wants God shut out of the affaires of mankind. 

The Iluminatie has lost control of politics and their plans for a One World Government has been placed on hold. 

President Trump needs our prayers. He is in a spiritual battle. We must lift up our voices to God. 

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