Little Pigs

I woke up the other morning at 4 and remembered this dream. It seemed realistic and strange. 

It was a twilight gloomy day. Threatening of storm. We (there were several of us) were walking over a river on a bridge.

Mixed in with us were many large pink pigs. They walked upright as we humans did.

As we crossed over the murky river there was a barbed wire fence running parallel to the river. 

The tall pigs each stood upright in front of one of the fence posts facing towards the river.

A person walked up to the furthest pig. Suddenly it fell to the ground. I could not see it well.

This person then walked up to the next pig and it fell. This happened again to the next pig. But this time I saw the persons hand move down and then across the pigs torso.

As this happened to the pig two down from me I noticed a large knife. The person was slicing the pig from its rib cage down to its hips. Then across the belly from left to right. 

The pig next to me was slaughtered as I woke up.


I do not have much of an interpretation other than I believe we Christians will be slaughtered like pigs were butchered.

For some reason George Orwells ‘1984’ came to mind. 

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